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Crushin’ It – An Update

Seems like the storm clouds are finally starting to clear and the sun is coming out to shine. This feels really good and the Flints are a happy bunch.

It’s hard to figure out just where to start on this update since I’ve not been very good about blogging over the past, well, two years or so. That’s okay! I’ll just dive right in. 🙂

Mr. Pickles is growing like a weed and has been keeping really busy this summer. He went to a school/summer camp for two weeks and got to socialize with kids his own age and get familiar with where he’ll be in the fall. He also took swimming lessons and loves being a little fishie minus putting his head under water (mommy feels the same way, Mr. P!).

He’s also pretty much as spoiled as they come. Check out the super cool fort that Nana and Papa Flint built for him out of repurposed materials they had around the house (we love how they don’t waste anything!):


Doesn’t he look so big here?!

And here he is after getting a new magazine subscription from Grandpa Gato and Grandma Maria:

All smiles!

All smiles!

He’s also been encouraging mommy to continue her yoga practice and will ask to do poses on the mat. Here he is practicing:

Future yogi.

Future yogi.

His latest obsessions are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, stickers (and sticking them EVERYWHERE), and says his signature color is red. He also likes to help mommy get dressed in the morning while coordinating outfits. “Mom, I think you need to take your black purse today.” 🙂

Speaking of mommy…I’ve started a new job at a local college here in Albuquerque as an Admissions Representative. I work with students who are interested in becoming nurses and discuss the program with them. It’s so fun to discuss goals with future students and work out a plan to get them to where they want to be. It’s only been a week and a half so far, but I think I’m really going to love it!

Russ has been plugging away as an IT administrator of a call center where he manages about 1000 users on a daily basis. Talk about keeping someone on his toes! He loves what he does, though, and he gets all the free Starbucks he can drink so it’s a pretty good gig for him. He loves the people he interacts with and enjoys the work so it makes the days go by quickly. Sometimes, too quickly and he has to bring the work home at night and on weekends, too. Again, good thing he loves what he does!

As always, Russ & I are always in love with good TV and are currently obsessed with Key & Peele, Ray Donovan, and Power.

Some of the best TV, though, is just watching the antics of Mr. Pickles! We will leave you with a mashup of him singing the childhood classic “No More Monkeys Jumping On the Bed” and Brad Paisley’s hit “Crushin’ It.” Until next time…


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A Badbye — When a Goodbye Has a Frown

Like so many others around the world, we’ve said our goodbyes to 2012. As I mentioned in our last post, 2012 definitely had some great times, but for the most part we are ready to see it in the rearview. And that feels really good — so is that what it means to have a “good” bye?

So what about when waving bye doesn’t really feel all that good? I mean, not really? Does that mean we get to call it a badbye?

As we move out of 2012, I have one of those sadbyes — perhaps one of the biggest sadbyes I’ve ever experienced in my life. But I think I’m getting ahead of myself…

Toward the end of Woztober, us two and a half Flints boarded a plane headed for good ol’ Ohio. Autumn was in the air and there were promises of trick or treating, hot apple cider, pumpkin patches, Grandma’s homecookin’, bonfires, and lots of time with family we don’t get to see nearly enough.

where's mickey's seatbelt mama?

Where’s mickey’s seatbelt, mama?

daddy providing in-flight avengers themed entertainment.

Daddy providing in-flight avengers themed entertainment.

The plane trip to Cincy was uneventful and Mr. P has become quite the pro at traveling. This mama still sits up straighter when getting complimented on how well-behaved her baby is in the air. Thank goodness they don’t see him at 1:45 p.m. on any given day before he’s gotten his nap because that can be a totally different story…

We got to spend the first few days at Dave’s getting to watch lots of fun TV and eat lots of good food. And of course we made time to find a park for Xion to run around. Dave took us to one with a huge play area, so naturally Mr. Pickles was more interested in the picnic tables. 😉

He picked a flower for mommy. See his little shadow in the background of the photo??

the little things...

the little things…

someone is still getting the hang of the foot shot. LOL

someone is still getting the hang of the foot shot. LOL

Then it was time to head north to D-Town!



More food, more family, lots more fun! Aunt Deedle and Uncle Eric hosted a big party for us with all of the above!

Xion’s cousin, Faith, shows him the ropes when it comes to blowing dandelion seeds into the air.

she's a pro

she’s a pro!

Grandpa Gato holds Mr. Pickles’ plate as he chows down some yummy cake because he already knows those ropes.

Good stuff, Grandpa!

Good stuff, Grandpa!

Xion returns the favor to Faith by showing her the ins and the outs of his iPad. Uncle Dave is happy to assist.

Modern musicians in the making.

Modern musicians in the making.

And we’ll just have to settle for this as the best bonfire family pic of the night. 😀



Unfortunately, Mr. Pickles didn’t get to Trick-or-Treat like he’d hoped because a certain presidential candidate came to town and called the whole thing off (karma got him for it), but Grandpa Gato made sure he got to get dressed up and head to a party anyway!

Grampy Gato and Captain America

Grampy Gato and Captain America

Is that a pickle?

Is that a pickle?

Like all our trips to Ohio, this one flew by. Seven days really isn’t a lot of time when we only see my side of the family a few times a year, but this time was a particularly hard one for me when we left.

You see, this was the last time I was ever going to be in the house I grew up in. Pop and Maria are retiring this year and planting retirement roots in Texas (although I hear New Mexico has much better weather *hint hint*).

Yep, the very last time I’d be in the house I grew up in. That’s a lot to take in all at once and I’m getting teary eyed writing this because there are so many memories there AND it’s the last of the three houses Pappy Delgado helped build that will officially leave the family. I know I’m all grown up now and have a family and new home of my own, but there’s a bit of a sadness inside as I let go of a piece of my childhood. My “home” is no longer going to be my home anymore. The next time I go to Defiance (and I’m not entirely sure when that will be), I won’t be sleeping in my old bedroom anymore.

So I’m taking a deep breath and saying a bit of a sadbye. I know it’s the right time for everyone to move on to new phases in their lives, no matter how hard it is to let go sometimes. Whether that be a year, a relationship, or a home…sometimes saying goodbye is just, well, bad.

There are a lot of memories in this little brick house on High Street. The good, the bad, the fun, the sad, the tears, the laughter, the joy — I won’t forget any of it and it will always live in my our hearts. We now say…badbye. 😦

One last family photo of the High Street Gang. xoxo

One last family photo of the High Street Gang. xoxo


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A Very Long December

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this latest update.


So here’s the thing — December is sort of a hard month for me in general (I’m totally going to stop narrating this blog referring to Woz and Russ as if we all didn’t know I’m writing it, okay? Okay. *smile*). Anniversaries of bad news, suicides, lost loved ones. It’s sort of one of those months that I always want to just sleep through. Yet, it always seems to pop up after November anyway. Persistant little thing, that December.

December seems to be the month where I feel like I have so much to say and so very little to say all at the same time. I’ve just learned to roll with it, to be honest.

A few days ago, I walked into our home office and I saw Russ looking at this blog. He was clicking through old posts — looking at pictures, smiling at the different phases of our little Mr. Pickles (is he seriously going to be 2 in just a couple of months?!). And I realized that I don’t come here much anymore. I think about it. I even try to snap a photo or two specifically to post here…but then I just don’t make it back.

It didn’t really take me long to realize why.

This year has sort of been what I would call a very long December.

Don’t get me wrong. This year has created some amazing memories and, overall, the Familia Flint is a very happy one.

I’ve used this space to share our happiest times — lots of smiles, lots of laughter. But this year has had a little bit more than our fair share of sadness and tears.

If you happen to read my other blog, you know by now that I’ve been struggling with managing depression for the majority of this year. In fact, I’ve actually been on a leave of absence from work since January. That’s not the sort of thing that feels like a warm and fuzzy family blog post, ya know?

Dear ol’ depression has affected Russ and me in huge ways, tested our marriage to it’s very core (we keep coming out on top, thankyouverymuch), and we keep on moving forward — together. It’s a continuous work in progress.

Then came the big computer corporation company “work force reduction” of 2012. Work force reduction is the nice way of saying “thanks for playing the game, folks, but goodbye.” And just like that, on a Tuesday in June, Russ came home to let me know that he no longer had a job. Again, not the thing I’d come rushing to the keyboard to press publish on in lightning speed.

Turns out that it’s not as easy as taking a pill to remedy the fact that my brain and emotions go awry to the point that I can’t easily function at a good ol’ 9 to 5. Turns out it’s not as easy as updating your LinkedIn profile and sending out application after application every single day to get a new job. Turns out it’s not always lots of smiles and laughter.

But through it all, we continue to push forward.

Every night when Russ and I go to bed we tell each other our favorite part of the day. It’s not always easy to think of a favorite part — especially when it’s been a particularly difficult day. Yet, we always manage to find at least one good thing. And just this week (as money is beginning to get tighter and tighter) we’ve started to tell each other one thing we were grateful for or appreciated in the day. This helps put things in perspective and many times can provide that smile that may have been M.I.A. just a few minutes earlier.

Yesterday we were grateful for a sunny afternoon in Old Town…




c’mon. how can we NOT smile when we have this guy?

So yes, it’s been one “very long December” and literally the darkest day of the year is almost upon us. But soon after, the days will become brighter…and I have to believe our days will, too.


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Welcome the Newest Flint (he gets the ears from Russ)

Have you noticed that since Mr. Pickles began to walk, there are far fewer posts and pictures. Trust us, the two are VERY connected. 😉

Not like having a new addition to the family makes any of that easier, but it does make for even more smiles in our days.


Cypher Dias Flint

This cutie came into our lives just over a month ago thanks to amazing people in Arizona, a road trip, and the (begrudged) approval of four very spoiled felines.

We thought about writing his whole story here — his life before being a full-fledged Flint, but have decided not to do so. We are, instead, choosing to write about his life going forward; the one where he’ll never end up in a shelter ever again and knows nothing but lots of love.

Welcome to the family, Cy Boogie. We love you like you’ve been with us for years. Okay, maybe Maxwell doesn’t feel that way YET, but he will…he will. 😀

A boy and his dog = happy.

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Weekend of Celebration!

Being two happy Flints, we celebrated our two year wedding anniversary on June 18th. 😀

Nana Flint agreed to take care of the Pickle Man for the night so we could celebrate a few days early. (Why can’t our anniversary always just fall on a Saturday night? 😉 )

Russ made reservations at Hotel Andaluz in downtown ABQ as that’s where we spent our wedding night. We’re pretty sure we actually even got the exact same suite from two years ago! Such a gorgeous room and we had goodies waiting for us.


We had an amazing night of music (Los Lobos was doing a free concert about a block from our hotel), yummy food (thank you, Lucia), and a little bit of drinks and dancing on the hotel rooftop. It was the perfect alone time we needed.

In love.

Woz has a friend who says that year two of a marriage is one of the toughest. Let’s just say that year two was interesting with a new home, new baby, and still a young relationship on top of it all. Although we had some struggles (who doesn’t?), we made it and we are better than ever. 😉

Says it all.

The next morning we had the yummiest room service ever and didn’t take advantage of the late checkout that came with our romance package because it was time to switch gears: Father’s Day had arrived!

Russ was off diaper duty as part of his special dad day celebration. As if that wasn’t gift enough, he was ridiculously excited to get his surprise from Xion. His very own Captain America shield!

Perfect gift.

Daddy and son. *love*

Cards from the whole gang:

Kitty love, Mr. Pickles love, and Woz love.

The little man is still working on his signature. 😉

Mommy wrote in Xion’s name to eliminate any confusion. LOL

We headed over to Russ’ parents to celebrate with all the dads. Here’s the whole gang!

Happy gang.

After all the eating, swimming, and celebrating, we were all worn out and ready to head home to get to bed early. Someone beat us to the punch on the way home.


Another year gone by — so many more to come.

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Memories of May

Here’s a May update from the family Flint. Mostly in pictures. 😀

We are putting Mr. Pickles to work. If you need contract work, go ahead and give him a call.

All I need is a hard hat and I’m ready to roll!

Already taking breaks. I think it’s going to take awhile to get the job done. He’s lucky he’s so cute.


Russ has been heading to the basketball court as much as he can. While Xion usually hangs out on the swings with Mommy, he decided to shoot some hoops with Daddy instead.

The Celtics will be calling him anytime now.

Woz has been taking daily walks and snapped this because she just couldn’t resist.

Magical moonlight.

Just hanging out.

More happy.

Xion loves to grocery shop. Well, anywhere that has carts is his new favorite place to be.

Cart pushing Pickle.

Woz, once again, had a gorgeous Mother’s Day.

Xion is already working on his autograph.

Gosh, he’s grown a bit in the last year, hasn’t he?

So happy to be a mommy.

Mr. Pickles got Woz beautiful one-of-a-kind gifties. (With Daddy’s help, of course!)

Amethyst is Xion’s birthstone. 😀

Pretty art for above her writing desk.

Getting some sunshine.

He’s the sunshine.

He’s so proud of himself for learning to climb things.

So pleased with himself.

Xion loves to pick flowers for Mommy and Daddy.

Little flowers from the little man.

“Hiding” things in his bed is something he thinks is just hilarious.

The shirt says “I don’t go looking for TROUBLE, it finds me.” Ain’t that the truth. 😉

Do these beads go with this outfit? I’m going to just go with it.

If only bath time was still this entertaining.

It’s the little things…

First dip in the pool this season.

Splish splash!

Mommy stayed on dry land.

Don’t drop me, Mommy!

Sporting Daddy’s old duds.

Vintage is so in style, Daddy!

We’ll never get control of the TV again.

Time for Baby Einstein!

No wonder we are exhausted all the time. 😉

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Ahoy, Ahoy!

In honor of Grandma Dottie’s 85th birthday, the Flints and the Merrills boarded a cruise ship headed to Cabo! While Russ was a seasoned cruise goer, it was a first for Woz (and of course a first for Mr. Pickles as well!).

Daddy and Pickles are excited to be in line to board the ship!

Officially on the boat!

Heading into what would be our "home" for the next few days. Smile!

A gorgeous view of San Diego from our cabin balcony.

A perfect day to set sail.

There was so much to see and do on the ship. Food everywhere, activities, music, drinks, swimming pools, and even more food. Since it was our first night on board, Nana Flint offered to spend time with our little man so Mommy and Daddy could whoop it up a bit.

Tipsy at sea.

Xion adjusted to life on water pretty quickly. In fact, he slept better on the ship than he does at home. (Meaning, he slept through the entire night. Yay!) Either he was really worn out everyday or the motion of the ocean rocked him to sleep. Probably a little bit of both. 😀

That's a really big bathtub out there, Mommy!

Awww, Daddy, I don't want to wear these! It ruins my game with the ladies!

There is always a get gussied up night on cruises. We all stepped up to the occasion, but Mr. Pickles got the lion’s share of compliments that night. And with good reason, we might add.

Why, yes, I would love a drink. Rice milk on the rocks, please.

Our little family.

Now that's what we call a sunset.

Nana and Grandpa Flint looking fancy.

Someone had one too many rice milks. Lightweight.

There were a lot of things that stood out about the cruise ship but a huge one was the staff. Everyone was really friendly, happy and willing to go out of their way for anything we needed. This was appreciated in general, but when traveling with a little one, it was awesome. Xion became a favorite aboard ship, so if Mommy and Daddy went anywhere without him, people wanted to know when he’d be joining us again. LOL

Another little thing we loved were the towel animals that would be waiting in our room after dinner. Too cute.

Mom, can you cool it with the pictures for like 10 seconds, please?!

After a couple days, we made it to our destination. Cabo was simply gorgeous.

Our cabin view.

We planned on going parasailing while at port, but the winds were too gusty and it was canceled. 😦

The "We Didn't Go Parasailing" foot shot. (Grandpa Flint, Russ, and Woz.)

Our ship.

While parasailing was a bust, we were determined to let Xion’s little toes touch sand and dip in the ocean. We boarded another small boat that took us to the beach.

Hold me tight, Daddy!

Whoa, Mommy, this tickles my feetsies!

Sandy Flint Feet!


Beach Bum.

Someone was really trying to live the beach life but Mommy and Daddy said no way.

Come on, Mommy, tip this soda back for me!

Stylin' shades.

The water was pretty cold for Pickle feet since he’s not used to that sort of thing. While it’s not fancy, we did manage to snap a quick shot of his first ocean experience.

Another big first for our little guy.

Giggles and grrrrrrrs.

Oh, the fancy drinks we had! So yummmmmmmm.


Why yes, we would like our drinks in pineapples, please.

The week went by so fast! We danced, we jacuzzied under the night sky, we saw comedy, we sang karaoke. Oh, the karaoke…

Russ performing his signature song -- Manilow's Mandy

While Russ wowed the crowd, Mommy and Xion slow danced on the dance floor. The huge “Awwwww” heard round the world then followed.

Grandpa Flint isn’t a stranger to being on stage, but he was a karaoke virgin until this trip. He was a total natural performing “Mustang Sally.”

Ride, Sally, Ride!

A trip we won’t soon forget…



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