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Darth Vader, Comics, and a Bear (Oh, My!)

We’ve been a bit slow on the bloggin’. Let’s just say that Mr. Pickles learning to walk was a real game changer in the Flint house. Trying to keep up with that little man is truly a full time gig — leaving much less time for writing. That’s okay, though, because we are livin’ it up and having fun and that’s really what it’s all about, right? 😉

Having missed the inaugural ABQ comic expo last year, we decided we weren’t going to miss this year’s for anything. Okay, more like a $5 admission special was on Groupon, but we DID want to go.

Russ was in comic heaven having never been to a comic con before. He walked around with stars in his eyes (Woz’s favorite part of the whole event). Oh, the sights to see!

Welcome to the dark side!

Let’s get this baby up to 88 mph!

To the Bat Cave!

And while the ABQ comic con wasn’t large compared to others, it sure had enough to keep us busy. Yes, Russ still had stars in his eyes. 😀

Russ’ version of a candy store.

The highlight for Woz was getting to meet Adam Baldwin of Firefly fame. Or, if you’re like her brother, Dave, you’d have a soft spot for Baldwin from the 1980s goody, My Bodyguard. (Linderman!!)

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take photos with him, but Woz did snag his autograph.

Shiny, indeed! 😀

Love this spin on the show!

Burn the land and boil the sea…

Not bad for our very first comic con adventure. 😀


That’s all folks!

Oh wait, there was talk of a bear wasn’t there?

That night Mr. Pickles was all tucked in and we were watching TV. Out of nowhere Russ says “I think Xion needs a giant teddy bear.” Mom agreed wholeheartedly with dad on that one.

So the next day…

Mr. Pickles thought it was a great idea, too!

Safety first for Berry Flint!

The whole gang had a great time outside when we got home.


Yep, he fit right in.

Even Dewey agreed.

Best lap in the house.

He’s everyone’s new BFF. 😉


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Snow Day and Winterfest

It still amuses us both that what shuts schools and streets down here in New Mexico wouldn’t even be a delay in Ohio and probably considered a dusting in Vermont. Having said that, we’ll take what we can get when we can get it! For one of us, it was the first time ever seeing snow, while the other two got to see it for the first time again through his eyes. 😀

Our yard at dawn. So snowy and pretty.

We were pretty excited to get a snowfall so Xion could experience the white stuff for himself.

Whoa, what's this daddy?

Sadly, we didn’t have suitable snow clothes for the little guy so there was no rolling around in it to make snow angels. We did, however, bring the snow directly to him. Yeah, we are cool parents, we know. 😉

What exactly do I do with this stuff?

Brrrrr! That's cold!

Rio Rancho had their first ever Winterfest over the weekend, so we decided to check out all the fun. They kicked everything off with ice skating but we passed on that since, well, Xion can’t even walk yet. 😉 We made it just in time to see the parade that was underway.

Spongebob comes to New Mexico!

While you can’t see it all that great in this picture, it was really impressive how many luminarias they had set up for the event. Over 10,000 were aflame.

All aglow.

We headed over to the city center to see if we could meet Santa and have some hot apple cider. We saw fireworks in the sky on our walk over. The line was pretty crazy to see Santa, but Xion did get to meet his pal, Elmo, in person. He wasn’t sure what to think.

What's going on here, Mommy? I thought Elmo was at home in my bed!

These are photos from the evening we just like despite them being dark, blurry, or otherwise imperfect. We are pretty sure that’s what makes them so perfect after all.

Xion and Daddy ❤

Wintery smile.

The gang's all here!

Winter family photo! Say Queso!

We decided to cap the night with a dinner at one of Woz’s favorite restaurants, Flying Star. Xion decided he had other plans.

Sweet dreams, little man.

The first Flint family holly day season is off to a magical start. Next stop, Santa Fe. 😀

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Oregon and Art Come to ABQ

Earlier this festive Woztober, Woz’s good friend, Denise, from Eugene, Oregon came cruising through town with her cousin. We were more than happy to meet up with them at Route 66 Diner for some yummy food, laughs and a lot of catching up. Woz hadn’t seen her FOOD for Lane County buddy in over two years and was so excited to chat it up with her again.

Xion got all dolled up to meet Denise. We love this shirt because it also looks like it could read “Big Flint” 😉

Would it be okay to ask for her digits on the first date, daddy?

The whole gang! Woz, Xion, Russ, Russell, and Denise.

Caught up and stuffed.

Denise took this one of the boys. Love it.

Is your heart melting?

The evening went way too fast! It was so fun to hear about Denise and her cousin, Russell’s, adventures in New Mexico. She’s even been places now that we haven’t been so we have some weekend road trippin’ ahead of us thanks to their recommendations. 😀

This photo is just silly but we love it. Xion was having fun getting into his jammies that night.

I'm starting a new trend! -- Xion the fashionista

This is a variation of Woz’s foot shots.

Mr. Pickles socks taking a breather.

The next day we went to the annual Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival. We weren’t going to miss it for the third year in a row! While they didn’t have the roasted corn that Woz was hoping to feast on (sad Woz), they did have a ton of really cool art for sale!


Under the big top.

Lunch break!

We got stopped several times for people to tell us they wanted to see our little guy. One lady told us that he was the cutest thing in the whole place. We have to say we agree!

Too cute. 😀

It was definitely NOT easy choosing just one piece to take home. After much debate, we decided on one called “Love Grows Here” by Mary Beier. We loved her whole collection of work and, like many artists, was a little shy in wanting her picture taken. She was gracious enough to smile for the sake of blogging in the end. Thank you, Mary!

This piece now hangs on the wall of Casa de Flint. We love.

Yep, love grows here.


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The Whirlwind

I can’t believe Woztober is already half over. How on Earth did that happen? Needless to say, it’s already been a great month.

We started off the month in New England. While the occasion was one that was sad, I found a lot of happiness in that trip. I got to hear my father-in-law pay a moving tribute to his father (someone I would have loved to meet), visited the place where my sweetheart of a husband grew up, and had my very first cider donut. (Ask Russ how many HE ate! 😉 )

Sadly, I forgot my camera and we had to buy a little disposable jobby on our way into Brattleboro, VT. It LOOKED like a perfectly good camera but when I took it to get developed here they seemed sort of shocked. “We didn’t sell you this camera did we?” Turns out it was a wee bit old and our pictures didn’t turn out the best. 😦 We aren’t too worried, though, because we know we’ll visit again when The Dot is a few years old so daddy can show him/her around. 😀 Here are Russ’ favorite from our trip:


Brattleboro Common



Harrisville Pond -- Russ spent many a summer here.



Dummerston Covered Bridge



Flint feet surrounded by New England's Fall colors. So pretty!


After our ridiculously long day of traveling back to ABQ, we had one day to recover (not enough!) and were back to work on Monday. Only for that day though because we had visitors to pick up from the airport that night. 😀 The whirlwind continued with my family in town and all the things we wanted to show them.

After the fam went on their first hot air balloon ride ever that morning, Papo said he wanted to eat in little “hole in the wall” places with good food. We knew exactly where to go. Here are the boys after grubbing at Bobcat Ranch in Santa Fe.




With it being Balloon Fiesta, we were up EARLY the next morning to view the Mass Ascension. It was worth getting up to see!


What a sunrise.



The Kangaroos made me giggle!



This is how they make honey, I think. 😉



Russ' favorite of the day.


The next day we headed up to Sandia Peak. It was about 49 degrees on the mountain but with the sun shining bright, it was actually pretty warm.


We were headed up there.



Heading up the mountain!



Everything looks perfect from far away.



We made it!



The whole gang's here!


And of course, it wouldn’t have been a get together without this one:


Sandia Peak Feet!


So that’s where it went! 😀 What a whirlwind indeed.


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Applecore! Baltimore! Who’s Your Friend?

We woke up early (for us!) Saturday morning to head to Corrales for their Harvest Festival Pet Parade.

Goats make me smile. 😀

For a hot second, we considered entering Dewey in the parade because he’s gotten so darn good at walking on lead. We decided against it though because, well, he’s a kitty and does his own thing. I just imagined him parking himself in the middle of the road and sunbathing. So, instead, we cheered on the others who did make it out that sunny morning.


He's got wheels and he knows how to use them!

Did I mention I love goats?

My favorite of the day. He's a corn dog! HAHAHAHA

After the parade, we walked around the various festival activities. I scored at the Friends of the Library sale:

Five books for $11. Love it.

We checked out the vendors, the food, and sat to rest our feetsies a bit while listening to the band of the hour and taking self portraits.

We're such nerds. 😛

We decided to save our tummies for the apple orchard but got a hot bag of kettle corn to keep us happy for the drive. The bag, though, was opened before we even made it to the car.

Okay, HE'S such a nerd. 😉

Off to Dixon’s apple orchard we went! We went in search of the tasty champagne apples we’d been hearing so much about.

Mmmmm, apples!

Apparently, they let anyone into the orchard. We ran into these folks there, too. 😉

Here comes Glenn leading the Canales parade!

So many apples!

Bins and bins! We picked a nice 15 lb. bag to go.

This said it all:


Bag of apples in hand, we headed out and made a spontaneous trip to Santa Fe to lunch at the Bobcat Bite. Russ had been telling me about this place since like the second I met him. We took this because he has one similar to it from last year at this time.


Then, it was finally time to head home. The view is always nice.

Homeward bound!

It ended up being a long day but didn’t seem like it. Until we got home and just wanted to crash! Oh, and for those of you who aren’t familiar with the title of my post, here’s the reason why. I haven’t been able to get the saying out of my head since the apple orchard. My dad knows exactly what I’m talking about here. Don’t ya, Pop? 😉


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International Folk Art Market

Russ sometimes tells me that he likes the fact that I expose him to things he wouldn’t normally do or even know about if it weren’t for me. This makes me smile. 😀 One of those things happened to be our excursion to Santa Fe yesterday for the annual International Folk Art Market. We woke up early (well, early for us anyway), and caught the train north to the event. This was my first ride on a train.

All aboard!

The train was packed but the ride was quick and smooth. Lots of pretty scenery along the way:

Just plain pretty.

We took a shuttle from the train station to the event. I looked forward to something Saturday Market-esque and definitely was not let down.

Ahh, the color!

So many amazing pieces of art. We weren’t quite sure where to begin so we just jumped right in! There were quite a few cute hats for sale. I should have gotten this one but our money was spent by the time we made it back here.

What do you think? Is it me?

Russ seemed to be particularly taken with the masks:


I adored all the color!

Some were scarier than others. 😛

And I seemed to be particularly smitten with the Day of the Dead works of art. An artist from Peru made these:

Wanna ride? I have the jams.

All that detail in a tiny little package!

Being an international event, there was all kinds of food! Ethiopian, Mexican, Caribbean, and so much more. Wouldn’t you know it, though, my favorite food of the day was roasted corn and a watermelon mint lemonade. Just way too fun to eat!

Nom nom nom.

After getting refueled, we headed back out. I adored these handmade boxes. Had they not been close to $300 each, there might  be one sitting in my bedroom right now. Amazing detail, totally worth the money, but not quite in the budget.

All that detail!

These little scissors in the shapes of cranes made me smile.  😀

Remember, no running!

Entertainment all day. It was fun to hear music from around the world and seeing people dancing and having a great time. This group was from Oman. Russ captured a quick video of them doing a traditional wedding processional. I loved the bagpipes!

We ended up getting two different pieces when all was said and done. Here is Serge Jolimeau holding a work that he made in Haiti and now is happily displayed in our living room:

An artist and his work always make me so happy!

And last but not least, remember those Day of the Dead pieces I was so smitten with? Well, here’s what now is happily displayed on a bookcase in our living room:

Bride and Groom Hound Dogs!

A truly amazing day. 😀


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