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Fancy (A Flint Update)

Wow, who knew we still had a blog? I guess we decided to hibernate for the winter but it’s time to peek out (man it’s sunny out there!) and give a little update.

Let’s just cut to the chase and talk about the most important Flint. The one you all come here to hear about…Mr. Pickles. We know he’s the main attraction and, honestly, we totally understand why. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Over the past several months he’s shot up like a string bean and can reach wayyyyy too many things in the house now. Nothing, I repeat nothing, is safe. The cats are all happy they can climb high atop their cat tree, but the dogs, well, they aren’t so lucky. Mr. P has recently professed his love for sweet Willa and she’s not too sure what to make of her new shadow.

He’s a talking machine now, too, and is entering the “Why?” and “How’d that happen?” phase of his little life. We do our best to explain things to the little man but sometimes it’s easiest to just say “Because that’s how Batmanย does it” and call it a day.

Batman Slippers

Another crazy milestone is that X-man is totally potty trained (cue the music and confetti) and he pretty much trained himself. Russ and I know he could have been trained earlier but we made the conscious choice to let him go at his own pace. With the help of No More Diapers for Ducky, talking to him about the big boy potty, and Nina Needs to Go, one day Xion proclaimed he was ready to use the bathroom all on his own and hasn’t stopped since. It was pretty much the easiest process ever and he only had 2 little accidents after that. He’s completely into his Jake and McQueen chones now and we are ridiculously proud parents.

And how about me and Russ? Well, we can’t compete with Mr. Pickles in milestones, but we have been busy, too. I’ve resumed my writing business and taken on new clients and have even started a YA novel about a young girl named Xavia. I took a trip to New Orleans and listened to some great music, drank way too much Purple Haze, and got lost until 1 a.m.ย and stumbled upon Cafe Du Monde.

As for Russ, well, when I asked him what he wanted to let you all know, he said to let you know he’s alive. Good to know, babe, good to know. ๐Ÿ˜‰ He is happy cruising around our new car, though, a Ford Explorer who he has fondly dubbed the Death Bringer. Sure makes this mama feels safe that he carts around our 3-year-old in a vehicle with that moniker.

In other news, we’ve fallen in love with Bill Maher, Silicon Valley, and Iggy Azalea. It’s like we are 40 and 14 all at once. Oh, and we are moving across town with the help of Nana and Papa Flint in the next month or so. Goodbye to that lengthy commute to Trader Joe’s to get goodies and get to the nicerย movie theater. Priorities, people, priorities.

So, that’s about it for this lazy Sunday. We’ll leave you with Mr. Pickles latest favorite song. You know, because he’s so fancy…



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Bye Bye Bottles

We aren’t sure how old exactly it is when a toddler is supposed to say goodbye to bottles entirely, but we’ve let Mr. Pickles go at his pace. Today was a big day, though, and daddy took him to the store to pick out some big boy cups so we could say goodbye to his bottles at bedtime. He’s been using big boy cups for his other drinks for some time now, but definitely needed his bottle at naps and bedtime.


Needless to say, we were a little nervous about presenting him with a different cup at his bedtime (and a little sad — our baby is growing up), but he was so excited to use his new Lightning McQueen cup that he didn’t even seem to care about the missing bottle. Another milestone for the little man.

Bye bye bottles, our guy is growing up.


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A Badbye — When a Goodbye Has a Frown

Like so many others around the world, we’ve said our goodbyes to 2012. As I mentioned in our last post, 2012 definitely had some great times, but for the most part we are ready to see it in the rearview. And that feels really good — so is that what it means to have a “good” bye?

So what about when waving bye doesn’t really feel all that good? I mean, not really? Does that mean we get to call it a badbye?

As we move out of 2012, I have one of those sadbyes — perhaps one of the biggest sadbyes I’ve ever experienced in my life. But I think I’m getting ahead of myself…

Toward the end of Woztober, us two and a half Flints boarded a plane headed for good ol’ Ohio. Autumn was in the air and there were promises of trick or treating, hot apple cider, pumpkin patches, Grandma’s homecookin’, bonfires, and lots of time with family we don’t get to see nearly enough.

where's mickey's seatbelt mama?

Where’s mickey’s seatbelt, mama?

daddy providing in-flight avengers themed entertainment.

Daddy providing in-flight avengers themed entertainment.

The plane trip to Cincy was uneventful and Mr. P has become quite the pro at traveling. This mama still sits up straighter when getting complimented on how well-behaved her baby is in the air. Thank goodness they don’t see him at 1:45 p.m. on any given day before he’s gotten his nap because that can be a totally different story…

We got to spend the first few days at Dave’s getting to watch lots of fun TV and eat lots of good food. And of course we made time to find a park for Xion to run around. Dave took us to one with a huge play area, so naturally Mr. Pickles was more interested in the picnic tables. ๐Ÿ˜‰

He picked a flower for mommy. See his little shadow in the background of the photo??

the little things...

the little things…

someone is still getting the hang of the foot shot. LOL

someone is still getting the hang of the foot shot. LOL

Then it was time to head north to D-Town!



More food, more family, lots more fun! Aunt Deedle and Uncle Eric hosted a big party for us with all of the above!

Xion’s cousin, Faith, shows him the ropes when it comes to blowing dandelion seeds into the air.

she's a pro

she’s a pro!

Grandpa Gato holds Mr. Pickles’ plate as he chows down some yummy cake because he already knows those ropes.

Good stuff, Grandpa!

Good stuff, Grandpa!

Xion returns the favor to Faith by showing her the ins and the outs of his iPad. Uncle Dave is happy to assist.

Modern musicians in the making.

Modern musicians in the making.

And we’ll just have to settle for this as the best bonfire family pic of the night. ๐Ÿ˜€



Unfortunately, Mr. Pickles didn’t get to Trick-or-Treat like he’d hoped because a certain presidential candidate came to town and called the whole thing off (karma got him for it), but Grandpa Gato made sure he got to get dressed up and head to a party anyway!

Grampy Gato and Captain America

Grampy Gato and Captain America

Is that a pickle?

Is that a pickle?

Like all our trips to Ohio, this one flew by. Seven days really isn’t a lot of time when we only see my side of the family a few times a year, but this time was a particularly hard one for me when we left.

You see, this was the last time I was ever going to be in the house I grew up in. Pop and Maria are retiring this year and planting retirement roots in Texas (although I hear New Mexico has much better weather *hint hint*).

Yep, the very last time I’d be in the house I grew up in. That’s a lot to take in all at once and I’m getting teary eyed writing this because there are so many memories there AND it’s the last of the three houses Pappy Delgado helped build that will officially leave the family. I know I’m all grown up now and have a family and new home of my own, but there’s a bit of a sadness inside as I let go of a piece of my childhood. My “home” is no longer going to be my home anymore. The next time I go to Defiance (and I’m not entirely sure when that will be), I won’t be sleeping in my old bedroom anymore.

So I’m taking a deep breath and saying a bit of a sadbye. I know it’s the right time for everyone to move on to new phases in their lives, no matter how hard it is to let go sometimes. Whether that be a year, a relationship, or a home…sometimes saying goodbye is just, well, bad.

There are a lot of memories in this little brick house on High Street. The good, the bad, the fun, the sad, the tears, the laughter, the joy — I won’t forget any of it and it will always live in myย our hearts. We now say…badbye. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

One last family photo of the High Street Gang. xoxo

One last family photo of the High Street Gang. xoxo


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Xion’s First Haircut

So many firsts keep coming and going. It’s strange because it seems like just yesterday we were panicking at the hospital trying to figure out how to put Xion in his car seat so they’d let us take him home. Oh, the things we have become pros at in such little time. (We can get him in that car seat in 11 seconds flat.)

Mr. Pickles’ hair was getting pretty wild, but Woz wanted to wait as long as possible for his first haircut. She wasn’t quite ready for him to look like a little man instead of her baby anymore. It was undeniable, though, that his bed head wasn’t just first thing in the morning and that it was time to get a trim. Mommy gave the go ahead and we three Flints headed over to Knockouts for Men (owned by Russ’ uncle) to experience yet another milestone for our little boy.

He had no idea what to make of all the commotion at first.

Hey, what’s going on?! You said we were going for ice cream!

You’re doing a good job, Jackie. Just don’t give me the Bieber and I’ll make sure you get a good tip!

Getting some help from daddy.

I think ice cream would have been more fun!

The finished ‘do.

They call this the Mr. Pickles cut.

So there you have it. And yes, Mommy shed a few tears but we were sure to scoop up his little locks for his baby book. Looks like he’s really no longer a baby. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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Mr. Pickles Walks

Still catching up! ๐Ÿ˜‰

While Xion has been walking since February (2 days after his first birthday to be exact), it’s so much fun to look back and see him get used to his little legs. He’s definitely got the hang of it now, trust us!

Here he is just getting started. And yes, that is indeed Boyz II Men’s “Motown Philly” that you hear in the background. The little man liked it and did a little dancing for us.

He runs around the house like a pro now. Oh, and he’s definitely got the Delgado dance moves. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Xion’s First Birthday!

It’s hard to believe that our little man is a year old already. We feel like it was yesterday that we were bringing him home and trying to figure out what it was that we were supposed to do with him. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We seem to have figured out the basics (trust us, we still have days of wondering what on Earth we are supposed to be doing with him and we are pretty sure that goes on for the rest of his life) and are amazed every single day by him. Honestly, every single day.

Xion’s actual birthday was a little hectic as our cruise was coming to an end (more on that soon!) and the day was spent traveling home to Albuquerque. He was a trooper with all the chaos of disembarking the ship, being in a cab, the airport wait and then the flight home. Luckily he was mainly zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Laying across Daddy on the plane -- Birthday Boy bib and all.

We got back home pretty late (according to his world) and so the celebration had to wait a day. I don’t think he minded at all though. ๐Ÿ˜€ He already had birthday singing on the cruise (with his Great-Grandma Dottie) and had cards given to him and more in the mailbox when we got home.

Cutest little cards.

Mr. Pickles hasn’t had much sugar up to this point so Mommy was a little worried, but he actually did just fine. He had a special little birthday cake!

Ohhh, I like! This is dinner from now on, okay Mommy and Daddy?

Squishy and feels fun on my fingers!

Wait, what's all this talk about a bath?

No trace of frosting left!

This year has been an amazing journey for both of us as we stepped into parenthood. It’s true what they say — that you understand real, true love when you have a child. Xion has given us many lessons over this year about patience, love, surprises, tears, and just being in the moment. He is truly the best thing to ever happen to us and we are thankful everyday for his smile, laughter, and his fun little personality. Here’s to many more years.

Acenxion Russell Flint enters the world and our lives (and hearts) were forever changed.

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Football and Crawling — Game On!

When Grams and Aunt Dee came to visit, we knew it wasn’t going to be long until our little guy was going to be crawling. He’d mastered being on his hands and knees and started to rock back and forth with a look on his face that said “Okay, body, go!” Soon he started to get up on all fours like he was attempting a series of push ups. A little fitness junkie may be in our midst!

One and two and three and...

Whew! That is quite the workout!

It was the first game of the season for the Patriots and the whole gang was cheering.

Let's go, Pats!

All the excitement made for a tired and hungry little Pickle.

Thanks, mommy, I was starving! Sleepy now. Zzzzzzzzzz

It was a win for the Patriots on that 12th of September and their littlest fan cheering them on. Bets were made when Xion would be in full mobile mode and he actually crawled for the very first time that night. That got even bigger cheers than the game. ๐Ÿ˜€

Now that our little man is crawling, our whole world has changed. He is FAST and likes to check out absolutely EVERYTHING. Thank goodness for child proof outlets as we already caught him trying to stuff a toy in a socket. He’s on the move and only stops for naps and treats. (We think he’s learning too much from his kitty siblings!)

He’s moving even faster than what’s in this video but he gets a little shy around the camera sometimes.

Life is never going to be the same.


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