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Fancy (A Flint Update)

Wow, who knew we still had a blog? I guess we decided to hibernate for the winter but it’s time to peek out (man it’s sunny out there!) and give a little update.

Let’s just cut to the chase and talk about the most important Flint. The one you all come here to hear about…Mr. Pickles. We know he’s the main attraction and, honestly, we totally understand why. 😉

Over the past several months he’s shot up like a string bean and can reach wayyyyy too many things in the house now. Nothing, I repeat nothing, is safe. The cats are all happy they can climb high atop their cat tree, but the dogs, well, they aren’t so lucky. Mr. P has recently professed his love for sweet Willa and she’s not too sure what to make of her new shadow.

He’s a talking machine now, too, and is entering the “Why?” and “How’d that happen?” phase of his little life. We do our best to explain things to the little man but sometimes it’s easiest to just say “Because that’s how Batman does it” and call it a day.

Batman Slippers

Another crazy milestone is that X-man is totally potty trained (cue the music and confetti) and he pretty much trained himself. Russ and I know he could have been trained earlier but we made the conscious choice to let him go at his own pace. With the help of No More Diapers for Ducky, talking to him about the big boy potty, and Nina Needs to Go, one day Xion proclaimed he was ready to use the bathroom all on his own and hasn’t stopped since. It was pretty much the easiest process ever and he only had 2 little accidents after that. He’s completely into his Jake and McQueen chones now and we are ridiculously proud parents.

And how about me and Russ? Well, we can’t compete with Mr. Pickles in milestones, but we have been busy, too. I’ve resumed my writing business and taken on new clients and have even started a YA novel about a young girl named Xavia. I took a trip to New Orleans and listened to some great music, drank way too much Purple Haze, and got lost until 1 a.m. and stumbled upon Cafe Du Monde.

As for Russ, well, when I asked him what he wanted to let you all know, he said to let you know he’s alive. Good to know, babe, good to know. 😉 He is happy cruising around our new car, though, a Ford Explorer who he has fondly dubbed the Death Bringer. Sure makes this mama feels safe that he carts around our 3-year-old in a vehicle with that moniker.

In other news, we’ve fallen in love with Bill Maher, Silicon Valley, and Iggy Azalea. It’s like we are 40 and 14 all at once. Oh, and we are moving across town with the help of Nana and Papa Flint in the next month or so. Goodbye to that lengthy commute to Trader Joe’s to get goodies and get to the nicer movie theater. Priorities, people, priorities.

So, that’s about it for this lazy Sunday. We’ll leave you with Mr. Pickles latest favorite song. You know, because he’s so fancy…



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Holy Batmobile!

We’ve been meaning to post this for awhile knowing that Grandpa Gato would get a big kick out of it. 😀

The Flints didn’t do your traditional Black Friday shopping. No sir, we certainly weren’t waiting in the cold at 4 a.m. for a $2 waffle maker and actually didn’t even think we’d be leaving the house that day. Having a little cabin fever, though, from having all been sick, we decided to venture out late that afternoon. We decided it was finally time to visit a new comic shop called Kaboom Test Labs that opened on our side of town. Russ was so giddy you’d have thought it was his birthday (although, Woz DID get a lot of good birthday ideas!).

As luck would have it, the Batmobile was making an appearance!

Da da da da, da da da da BATMAN!

A closer look inside. Check out all the fancy Bat Features!

Do YOU know what Bat-Ram does?

We were lucky because they were just about to roll the Batmobile off the lot. Can’t sit around for too long, there is crime to fight! 😉

Snapped this great one of Xion and his daddy before we waved goodbye to Russ’ dream car.

Daddy, I want to be a superhero when I grow up!

You can be anything you want, son, but you’ll get extra points if you wear a cap and fight crime. 😉


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